Why you should call a locksmith after a burglary in Las Vegas

We hope you never have to go through this scenario, but in case you are going through it right now and don’t know what to do, we start by telling you that after taking a breath and calming down, your best option is to call a specialist in security locks so you can have some peace of mind that night and that day ahead. 

Besides the police, who you will need immediately in your home is someone who can give you back the security you deserve by changing your locks and security restraints because you never know if they might come back. We know that these moments are nerve wracking and the least we want is to think that it could happen again, but we have to be realistic and look out for our well being as much as possible. 

Another set of keys 

The first thing you should do after checking the things that were stolen and calling the police, is to determine where they entered, block the area and then completely block the access to prevent someone from opening the door again while the locksmith arrives to help you. 

In this case, the locksmith will immediately change your lock in case that is what was violated, and after that it will take about an hour to come and go to make you a new set of keys with which you can open the main lock. The locksmith will give you different types of lock options, we recommend you to choose as much as possible the ones that have anti-theft security systems or that are intelligent. 

The first action you should take is to enter your home to check that everything is still in order. 

Secure windows

Even if they haven’t entered the house, you never know what they might have done while they were inside in your absence, so for security reasons we recommend that the same locksmith who helped you repair your door, help you lock the windows. Most locksmiths for homes in Las Vegas perform these services in the event of a burglary. 

Many burglars, after burglarizing a first time, set traps to get back in. So always try to be vigilant and be accompanied by another person in case you feel unsafe at night.

Connect your smart locks 

If you can afford it, try to install a smart lock that connects to your security system so you can see who enters your home or who surrounds it after you leave. Preferably discreet cameras or alarms.

 Smart locks allow you to install peepholes and other types of systems such as alarms. Ask a locksmith specialized in burglaries which are the possibilities that your home has for this type of system.

Remember to always count on professionals so that you don’t have to go through two unpleasant processes: a burglary and a bad service. 

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