What Chain Restaurant Do You Associate With Food Poisoning?

Most restaurants adhere to strict food safety standards. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the food that is served is entirely free of tainted ingredients. While most establishments follow sanitary practices, some food products can be contaminated freshwap by the farming, harvesting, or shipping process. The restaurant’s negligence or inability to maintain proper food safety standards is one factor that contributes to many cases of food poisoning.

Despite the fact that many people are reluctant to associate chain restaurants with food poisoning, they may be wrong. The largest 10 US restaurant chains account for more than 75,000 locations. Oftentimes, an outbreak of food poisoning will be the subject of national news, especially if it involves a fast food chain. In the past, outbreaks at merdb Subway, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s have been linked to a variety of illnesses, including EColi (a bacteria that causes typhoid fever), Shigella, and Salmonella. The second outbreak, in Boston, sickened 143 people. Although the outbreak was the result of sick employees, the chain has taken a hit in reputation.

Another reason why chain restaurants are associated with food sportspress poisoning is their understaffing. When a restaurant is understaffed, it’s more likely to violate food safety codes, and the workers are overworked. The recent fast-food food poisoning outbreak at Wendy’s has added to the brand’s downward spiral. Fortunately, this problem isn’t as widespread as it once was.

Do you think the chain is responsible for outbreaks of food poisoning? If so, why? The answer may surprise you. In 1982, a McDonald’s burger linked to a food poisoning outbreak affected 42 people. It was not widely publicized, but it has led to widespread health concerns. In 1993, a food poisoning outbreak at Jack in the Box restaurant chain elibrary sickened 732 people across four states and closed down over 70 locations. It killed four children and nearly put the chain out of business.

Chipotle is another chain restaurant linked with outbreaks of foodborne illness. Because the chain serves fresh produce, consumers will continue to experience food poisoning outbreaks. The fresh produce served by Chipotle has multiple stops in the supply chain, increasing the chance of contamination. This is why consumers have more chances of contracting foodborne illness when they eat fresh produce. Chipotle’s produce has multiple food safety practices aren’t enough to avoid the risks associated with fresh food.

If you’ve suffered from food poisoning and have the symptoms of an outbreak, it’s important to see a doctor right away. If you haven’t had an outbreak yet, you codeplex should contact the government. The government can intervene by testing the food and finding out where the contaminated item came from. Ultimately, it’s important to understand your legal rights and seek the best possible medical treatment.

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