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Benefits of a Semi Gantry Crane

The most common use of a semi gantry crane is in a manufacturing or construction facility. Its unique design maximizes workspace while requiring no runway system on top of the building. The crane travels on polyurethane wheels at either end. Depending on the design, this crane can have remote controls or be wired pendant controlled. It can also be fitted with a radio remote control system. Here are some of the benefits of semi gantry cranes:

The crane is equipped with control and auxiliary circuits, which are located in the control cabinet. The wire and cable are made of copper core and multi-strand copper. The electrical cabinet is located on the lower beam. The cable is protected with a rubber protection sleeve. The traction rope is stainless steel. The crane’s legs are made of box-like structures. There are also safety features such as motor heaters and insulated electrical panels.

A gantry system’s deflection angle must be considered carefully. While moving, a gantry system should be positioned so that it does not hit nearby personnel or equipment. Impact can damage gear boxes, end trucks, and electrical panels. Manufacturers can position the controls so that they will minimize the impact. It is possible to move the controls of a semi gantry crane using a remote control. The advantages of this crane are significant.

The girder on a gantry crane is made of steel. The legs support the hoist and bridge. The legs are supported by rails and wheels implanted in the ground. This crane is usually used outdoors, and it provides lifting capacity below an overhead bridge crane system. A gantry crane’s design eliminates the need for a permanent runway beam in a building. With a gantry crane, you’ll have greater mobility and a lower overall cost.

A semi gantry crane is a special type of a gantry crane that is used for material handling. It is a smaller version of the regular crane, which means that it has a single leg and a single beam. Its span and weight are limited to fifty to thirty-five meters, but if you need to lift heavy pieces or need high speed operation, you’ll need a double-beam gantry crane.

A portable gantry crane is light-weight, mobile, and is often used for outdoor projects. They can lift different types of loads, and can be moved from one location to another with ease. This crane is useful for lifting small objects, such as sand, stones, and other heavy materials. A full gantry crane is typically used for curing slab concrete, or moving heavy objects in an outdoors yard. However, heavy-duty overhead gantry cranes are typically used in construction and manufacturing facilities.

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